Monday, January 12, 2015

Scripture Journal

My kids LOVE cereal! I can't keep the cupboards stocked so I opt to not purchase it at all.....I know, I know, I'm a horrible mom! My boys go through it like it's water, plus it doesn't keep them full enough to get them through to the next meal. For my Scripture Journal I was in need of some light weight cardboard, something easily found on the cereal isle. Not only did I get what I needed, but the boys got something they wanted.

While Cheerios are NOT one of the kid's favorites, the box fit my size requirement (more than 8.5x11-inches), they were still excited to see this boxed goodie in our house.

I gently tore it apart at the seams & laid it out. I then cut it with scissors until it fit in my paper cutter to trim it down to the appropriate size.

Two pieces 8.5x11-inches, one for the front cover and one for the back.

Decisions, decisions. I had to call my daughter for assistance with this many fun prints!

I finally settled on the beautiful yellow print for the journal. The floral print will be the cover for another B.O.M.

I realized that I missed a VERY important step here. I cut my paper down to 8.5x11-inches then glued it down with a spray adhesive. I used the brand LOCTITE multi-purpose, it's repositionable while wet but dries permanent.

I hopped onto the computer & printed off a label, cut it, distressed it, attached it to a scrap paper that happened to match BEAUTIFULLY, then attached it to the cover.

Can I just say that I LOVE this stuff! I found this Heat-n-Bond vinyl at a local craft store in the fabric department. It's PERFECT for covering books with! It's slightly tacky on the backside (just enough to get it set into place). You then iron it on and presto, you've got a beautifully covered book (or in this case, journal).

Took it down to Office Depot (LOVE that place!) to have it bound.

Here is a look at the inside. My inspiration for this journal came from here

 One of my new years goals is to not just read my scriptures but to really study and dive into them, I'm hoping this will help me along with that goal!

You can be sure to see Heat-n-Bond again in my crafting in the near future.....I love the stuff!