Wednesday, November 14, 2012

photo project {coasters}

So I will admit to having a slight obsession with photos....old photos, but not just any old photo (although they are all pretty cool), old family photos. I adore them, I enjoy looking through photos and thinking about peoples life before I even existed on this earth.

A while back I was visiting with my parents and got to flipping through some pictures with my dad, my interest must have been written on my face because my dad offered to make me a cd with all of our family photos...well almost all. I was extatic and once home got to working on photo projects right away! One of those projects was a photo night light which I'll tell you all about later. This project porphed into something that I was even more excited about-photo coasters. I've seen different variations around the web but prefer this version.
My parents wedding day, don't they look so happy!

My two favorite pictures! My dad with his best man just before the ceremony and my mom with her soon to be sisters-in-law....oh how I treasure these photos!

Every time we have company over there is usaually always something said about these coasters, they are a wonderful conversational piece and it gives me an opportunity to share with others my life and the lives of those I love!

Happy Crafting!

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