Thursday, January 31, 2013

derby slides

I help out with my son's cub scout den meetings and I'm able to contribute to some pack meetings as well. I came across this cute idea for neckerchief slides and below is my version of this fun craft. The cub scouts had their annual pinewood derby and these cars were available for the boys to decorate with paint pens & stickers. I think they enjoyed this fun little activity as they waited for everyone to weigh their cars for the big race.
just a simple piece of moulding, I think this 7-foot piece was $5 total
I cut each car into 1-inch pieces

the line-up pre-paint

Blue & Red
All three colors (Primary colors....had to do it!). Attached to the back (with hot glue) is a small piece of PVC pipe cut in 1/2-inch pieces. This project was SO simple yet so many people oohed and awed over it.

Happy Crafting!

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