Monday, June 30, 2014

One Fire Cracker 4th!

I LOVE the 4th of July! I grew up in a VERY small community where the town parade would go around twice (because it too was very small) & afterward, everyone would meet up at the park and participate in the 4th of July celebration, there'd be many different games & booths to choose from. As a youth I remember family coming up from the valley to participate in the festivities. My aunt would spend her year making different craft items to sell at the local craft show.....oh the memories! Unfortunately I'm not headed home for this fun filled holiday THIS year but I do get to help with table decorations for a 4th of July breakfast locally. I've seen these fun little *firecrackers* floating around the craft blog world (like the ones found here) and thought it'd be a great fit for our activity.
One down......a LOT to go!
 really though, the process goes super fast especially with an assembly line!
 Can't wait to see a sea of these little gems when we're all done!
Happy 4th & Happy Crafting!

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