Saturday, May 14, 2011

How to make a tear-out notepad

Below are the instructions to make this fun little notepad....enjoy!

1) double sided sticky tape
2) rubber cement
3) paper scorer
4) paper cutter
5) VERY heavy card stock (I purchased mine at a specialty paper store) or chipboard
6) 20# paper of choice (I scanned my scrap booking paper and printed onto 20# printer paper to get a matching notebook and cover). I used 4 pages cut to 9-2 1/2x3-inch pieces, making 36 sheets for my notebook.
7) heavy scrapbook paper of choice cut to 3x4-inches

(3)Score (7)scrapbook paper at 3 1/16" and then again at 3 5/16". Apply
(1)double sided tape to short end (see picture below).

Attach (5)Heavy card stock to (7)scrapbook paper being sure to butt the short side of the card stock right up against the scored edge. Apply (2)rubber cement liberally to the (7)scrapbook paper between score marks (picture below).

With the stack of (6)#20 paper apply the (2)rubber cement generously to the short end of the stack (picture below...sorry about the quality).

Be sure to press the (6)stack of paper firmly into the space between score marks until dry to the touch, this takes approximately 5 minutes. Set aside to fully dry.

Viola, you have yourself a beautiful little notepad that has tear-out pages.

Happy Crafting!

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